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About Greener Image

Greener Image, Inc. is an interior tropical plant installation and maintenance service which prides itself on knowledgeable service and excellent customer relations. Unlike other plant maintenance companies with large overhead, we offer the highest quality plants and service while saving you money on your monthly maintenance fee. We service our accounts weekly (the same day each week) to include watering, pruning, fertilizing, and re-mossing when necessary to keep your plants in top condition. We take our time servicing each plant to insure its appearance and health, as our goal is to impact your office’s appearance with a variety of lush, attractive tropical plants.

Greener Image services small, medium and large office spaces - whether you are a small business owner or large property manager, or somewhere in between, we can accommodate your needs. If you are a designer or architect working on an interior plantscape design, we can assist you with your interior plant objectives.

Included in your maintenance agreement with Greener Image is our free plant replacement guarantee. We also do not charge any fuel service charges, delivery or installation fees. We service many satisfied customers in the Baltimore Metropolitan area.

If you have a current plant service and are not that pleased with your plants, service and/or maintenance fee, we can fix these problems for you.